Lamego Castle and Cistern

Listed as a National Monument.

Construction of Lamego Castle began in the 12th century, under Portuguese rule. The construction of the keep and the general layout of the fortress are attributed to the mid-12th century. It is quadrangular and has three storeys, with a high-level door on the second floor. The wall is irregular, vaguely hexagonal in section, with a main entrance facing east.

This defensive system was enhanced by the wall of the citadel that protected the original settlement. The cistern inside the perimeter walls, alongside one of the sections, deserves a mention. It is a good-sized construction, which displays an abundance of builder’s signs. Its dome is supported by four pointed arches, and access is by the side door, with a staircase connected to the wall. Like many other castles, Lamego was also subject to a lengthy period of dismantling. Having lost its military function, the 19th century witnessed the reformulation of the complex by the city, which allowed houses to be built alongside its walls.

Location: Lamego
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