Mateus House

Vila Real

All the studies on the Solar de Mateus are unanimous in considering it one of the most important Portuguese architectural works of the Baroque period. In fact, despite the many questions about who the designer was that remain unclear, it is certain that in this sumptuous Manor House all the elements are present that characterise Baroque architecture, namely the symmetry, the axiality, the interrupted pediments, the balustrades, the staircases and the soaring spires. It is not known when the construction of the house was started, but it was completed in 1744, and the Chapel was finished in 1750, a date that coincided with the presence of the Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni in the area, to whom the design of the house is attributed. This is not, however, universally agreed, since, on the one hand, there is a clear similarity between this building and the architect’s other work, but on the other hand, some consider that the profuse ornamentation on the Mateus façade and the use of various architectural elements are completely alien to Nasoni, and may have been carried out later. Currently, Mateus House is managed by the Foundation of the same name, founded on 3 December 1970, and directed by the family, and various cultural activities are organised besides the preservation of the library and the museum. Admission prices:
 General visit (house and gardens) - €9 |
Gardens only - €6 |
Schools and children from 3 to 7 |
General visit (house and gardens) - €3.50 
Gardens only - €3

Location: Vila Real

Traditional cuisine. Faced Casa de MateusSpecialities: Alheira (bread and garlic sausage),...
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