Memory House

Located at the former homeland plastics factory, at Av. Conde Margaride, it is a place of meeting, sharing and reflection of Guimarães with and about their roots, traditions and memories. In the House of Memory you can find stories, documents, facts and objects that allow us to know different aspects of Guimarães community through a wide time span: from Prehistory to the Foundation of Nationality, the Rural and Festivities Societies to Industrialization of Ave Valley and contemporaneity. Through a chronological reading of history it is still possible to meet the milestones that have shaped the region of Guimarães and understand the evolution of their social and geographical changes. More than a contemplative visit, the House of Memory offers visitors an experience. Many are the stories
and memories that Guimarães guard, and are kept on Guimarães.

10H00-13H00 And 14H00-19H00
PRICE € 3.00 / € 2.00 C / D

Location: Guimarães
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