Padrela’s Hill Belvedere


The Padrela Hill is located on the limit of Valpaços and Vila Pouca de Aguiar municipalities and reaches its highest point at 1151 meters. One of its main attractions, through the year, is the Natural Belvedere of the Padrela Hill, from where one can see seven counties.

Among the picturesque villages dispersed by the Padrela Hill, no-one stays indifferent to the odd landscape that nature provides. A set of stunning crags with lichens trapped in shades ranging from light green, almost yellow to the very dark. There are pine trees everywhere and only some moss-covered trees. The horizon is divided between pine forests, groves and the cultivated fields divided chromatically.

In fact, the Padrela hill and the surrounding areas are one of the main nut production centres in Portugal, where one can find the largest continuous spot of chestnut trees in the Iberian Peninsula. Here, one finds a great diversities of chestnut as the jewish’s nuts, the longal, the lada and the cota which make the landscape imposing, breath-taking, unique…

Situated in the Padrela Hill one can enjoy a wide panorama of endless landscapes, through the existing belvederes.

Location: Valpaços
Restaurant / Pizzeria Latino

Restaurant / Pizzeria Latino

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