Pillory of Mondim da Beira

The pillory of Mondim da Beira is based on three square steps, being the lower one irregular due to the ground unevenness.

On this throne steps lands the column in a cube-shaped pedestal with 70 cm  face of this massive element, rises the stem of quadrangular section of chamfered corners, with the bottom and top with modeling square due to the interruption of the chamfers.

On the column is based the bulky and massive shot. It is born from a simple square, equal to the stem, developing in increasing molding. On the face facing south seats on this frame set, the coat of arms with the five shields of Portugal.

In the prismatic terminal body has in the center of each face one ugly head lined by cantonal small slender columns.
On one side of the prism is recorded the date 1790.
The monument ends in spherical colote.

in: Pillories the District of Viseu, 1998


Location: Tarouca

O Castanheiro
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