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The House Museum of Monção is a cultural space of the University of Minho according to  the legacy established by the previous owner of the property, Maria Teresa Cardeal Andrade Martins Salgueiro, who died on the 29th October 2001. Heiress of a huge fortune, she decided to bequeath through testament  in 1992, a great part of that fortune to the  University of Minho on the condition  the University should create, in her house, a cultural space named the House Museum of Monção. Its function is to value and promote all the contents, under a museum point of view, the ethnographic and sociological aspects as an expression  of the living conditions of the upper middle class family in the first half of the XX century. The House Museum of Monção has further goals: the promotion of meetings, lectures and conferences with national and local themes. The legacy establishes that the University of Minho, without prejudice of following their own cultural politics, have to pay special attention to the activities they develop, the environment and the local institutions, in which the House Museum operates, "should be an open space to the public  and  interactive with social and cultural aspects of the region”


Location: Monção
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