Trail of Fojo do Lobo

Vila Verde

The ‘Trail of Fojo do Lobo” is a short pedestrian route (PR), marked and signalled according to international and national guidelines.
This route, of cultural and historical scope, crosses the paths of the ancient parishes of Aboim da Nóbrega, Gondomar and Valdreu, in the municipality of Vila Verde. The mountainous territory of these parishes encounter a remarkable landscape diversity. This pedestrian route starts at the Campsite, in the parish of Aboim da Nóbrega.

Route Location: Aboim da Nóbrega, Gondomar e Valdreu

Type of route: Small Route (circular)

Scope: Cultural, Landscape.

Starting Point: Camping Park of Aboim da Nóbrega

Route Distance: 9,7 km

Duration of the route: 3h30 min

Difficulty Level: Easy

Recommended Season: All year round

Location: Vila Verde
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