Via Romana XIX (Roman Route)

Vila Verde
The Via Romana XIX, initially known as "Antonine Itinerary", was the longest of the four avenues built on NW Hispanic. United the capitals of Law Convents (administrative capital at the time) of Gallaecia: Brácara Augusta (Braga) and Astúrica Augusta (Astorga) through Lucus Augusti (Lugo).

Along the route of the 19th Roman road in the municipality of Vila Verde, the work traces still remain of the Roman Empire: milestones, bridges and small sections of the original route, in addition to a vast cultural heritage, represented in the archaeological remains; in civil and religious architecture; ethnographic aspects of popular culture; in crafts; in the legends and traditions; at parties, fairs, festivals and pilgrimages; in the traditional gastronomy and landscape richness.Type of Route:  Lined

Scope of this route: Historical, Cultural, Archaeological, Environmental and Scenic

Departure point: Vila de Prado, next to the Bridge of Prado

Duration of Course: 4 hrs

Distance: 15.5 km

Degree of difficulty: medium

Recommended Season: All year round

Location: Vila Verde
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McDonald's Braga Gualtar

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Taberna do Alexandre

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