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Our guided tours, which have 5 routes in Porto, show the entire area classified by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site. As you will have the chance to see, these tours allow for a return to a remote past in the actual presence of remains such housing, streets and settlements, walls and ramparts, in a landscape that plays off the granite, the trees and the river Douro's water. They are not just guided tours, they are travels in time. Discover the baroque, medieval and roman Porto, go through walls, find hiding places enchanted by the fantasy of time and relax next to the river. Tour Apart takes you to places that are off the beaten track and guides you through historical Porto's time machine. As a souvenir, you will take home the memories of a time well spent, a true illustrated postcard experience of a city you shall never forget.

Location: Porto
Pasta Caffé

Pasta Caffé

The Pasta Caffé is part of the segment of the Italian themed restaurants and it was created by...
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