Adega Amarela

Santo Tirso
Description / Facilities
Specialities: Roasted Lamb and Veal, Codfish in olive oil, Duck rice, Steak " mirandesa" manner.

Capacity : 140 lugares

Closed on Sundays afternoon
Address: R. Narciso Martins da Costa,452 - 4795-474 S. Martinho do Campo
Phone: 252.843296 | 916 692

02 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2024

Singeverga Monastery

Monastic liquor. Awarded in specialty contests. Handmade distillation. Aged in oak casks.

Restaurante Braseiro

Brazier restaurant is situated in the Avenida Abbot Tagilde. Previously, was established in Rua Dr. Pereira Caldas, succeeding in 2010, the former "Tasca of...
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