Cantinho do Tiago Restaurant

Description / Facilities
Restaurant with great tradition. At the table, the dishes are part of our traditional cuisine and of recognized quality. Simple decoration 

and personalized service.
Address: Av. Agostinho Ribeiro, Edif. Europa, 4610-102 Felgueiras
Phone: 910588814

03 Sep to 30 Oct 2022

05 Nov 2022

Monument to Nicolau Coelho (navigator from Felgueiras)

Nicolau Coelho, born in Felgueiras, was a great aristocrat and navigator in the 15th and 16 th centuries. He took part in the expedition to discover the...

Casa do Curral/ESTGF

This building was part of the plot of A Morgadinha dos Canaviais, by Júlio Dinis.Dr. António de Sousa Magalhães Lemos, medical doctor, professor and...
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