"Casa dos Peixinhos" Restaurant

Description / Facilities

Also known as "Buraco d`Água", this restaurant is situated near the Douro River, alongside national road 222. Its special dishes all include freshwater fish.

The restaurant has a regional and traditional cuisine, a modern décor and an informal and cosy atmosphere.

It sits 52 people and, in addition to freshwater fish, it also serves eel, boar meat and wild rabbit. 

Address: Estrada Nacional 222, 5120 - 012 Adorigo, Tabuaço
Phone: 254789486

20 and 21 Sep 2019

18 to 20 Oct 2019

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Demarcation of Marco - Farm of Lagares

Second pillar of the 1758 demarcation, erected in Fraga, with crosses.
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