Churrasqueira São José

Vieira do Minho
Description / Facilities
The Churrasqueira  São José is located in Vieira do Minho, next to the Volunteer Fire Station. Among its specialties are  the Steak and “Bacalhau à São José” ( Codfish). The restaurant  serves  the dish of the day and  is open  every day from 7h at 23h.
Address: Rua Irmãs Aires n. 76, 4850 Vieira do Minho
Phone: 253645010

14 to 16 Oct 2022
"Barroso: memórias e sonhos", Amélia Santos

"Barroso: memórias e sonhos", Amélia Santos

14 Jul to 29 Aug 2022
The exhibition "Barroso: memories and dreams" by the artist Barrosã Amélia Santos, is on display...

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