Escondidinho Restaurant

Description / Facilities
It's a traditional house, with a long history, whose decoration remembers the typical food of the region.
Address: Rua do Bom Jesus da Cruz, nº 36, 4750-270 Barcelos, Portugal

24 Jul to 13 Sep 2020
The Fantastic World of Barcelos Rooste

The Fantastic World of Barcelos Rooste

17 Jul to 13 Sep 2020
The exhibition "The Fantastic World of Barcelos Rooster" is composed of around 200 different...

House of Calçada

Located at the nº 10, Porta Nova Square, dates from the 18th century.

Contemporary Handcraft and other arts

The variety of pieces and used material is huge and it will be hard to choose the kind of handicraft that you like the most. Besides pottery and Figurado,...
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