O Brandeiro Restaurant

Description / Facilities

“O Brandeiro” is a typical restaurant with a rustic look. Situated in Branda da Aveleira, it is built in granite, schist and wood (that are abundant and also shape the landscape).

It is situated in a place of great natural beauty with a superb landscape where man and nature live in harmony. Besides enjoying this landscape and to delight with their tasty dishes - which features a set of Cachena and Melgaço ham steak - the visitors can still enjoy the local fauna, such as Cachena native breed cattle, ponies, semi-wild horses, hawks and eagles. It is a proper place to get peace of mind.

And if these are not enough reasons for a visit, it also is possible to appreciate the Sítio Geológico da Aveleira, where geology lovers can enjoy one of the most important vestiges of glaciations that occurred in Portugal during the last million years (Glaciação de Wurm).

If you want to stay overnight, there are not lacking options to do it with all the comfort you deserve, having the opportunity to discover everything that the Melgaço municipality has to offer.
Address: Branda da Aveleira - Gave, 4960 - 160 Melgaço
E-mail: geral@brandadaaveleira.com
Phone: +351933894259

22 Mar 2019

20 Mar to 20 Apr 2019

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