Pã Pã Pastry

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You can here taste the most typical sweets of Esposende. Sweet as the Clarinhas, Esquiimos and Folhadinhos
Address: Av. Visc. de São Januário, 4740 Fão, Portugal
Phone: 253981319

01 to 09 Oct 2023

20 Oct 2023

The temple of Bom Jesus de Fão

This is a building of beginning of the 18th century and is a perfect example of the distinctive style of the Pilgrims SanctuariesThis particular shrine is...

Grupo de Cantares e Dançares de S.Paio de Antas

S. Paio de Antas has been, for many years, a land where music is an integral part of everyday life of its people. In the absence of a Folkloric who divulged...
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