Restaurant Área Protegida

Description / Facilities
The restaurant is located in Fafião, and there is nothing better to rest from the stress and bustle of everyday life than to take a breath in an incomparable environment, the protected area of the Peneda-Geres National Park, to enjoy good food in a pleasant and cosy restaurant.
Specialties- The house specialties are based on regional cuisine, especially the “Carquiejada” lamb, wild boar, roasted pig leg in the oven, “Costa Verde”roast veal, and the steak ( house specialty).
 The fish is prepared the “bacalhau à casa”, (codfish - house specialty), “Pedreira” codfish, “rocha negra “codfish.
Address: Rua de Chãs de Trás nº12 Fafião 5470-017 Cabril
Phone: 253658193

14 to 16 Aug 2020

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