Restaurant Borda d`Agua

Description / Facilities
The restaurant Borda d´água is situated in the heart of Salto, 40 km from Montalegre, in a spectacular surrounding where you can enjoy a selection of the best regional food, made with the finest ingredients and the guarantee of freshness and quality in a cosy atmosphere and endowed of a good taste in its decoration, which will make you relax while you delight yourself with the cook's mastery preparing the rich and varied dishes.
Specialties – The specialties of the Restaurant Borda d` água are based on regional cuisine, standing out the Portuguese stew with semi-smoked pork meat accompanied by potatoes and cabbages. The roast lamb and veal with baked potatoes in the oven, the “feijoada à transmontana” (meats, beans and vegetables stew), “arroz pica no chão” ( homemade chicken with blood)", lamb stew and the  “à borda d`água” steak.
Concerning fish we suggest the “ à borda d`água” codfish that is half fried and takes a sauce made with onion, shrimp, smoked ham and peppers accompanied by French chips. House manner trout with baked potato and vegetables, grilled salmon and roasted codfish with baked potato.
Address: Rua Central 5470 Salto
Phone: 253659216
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