Restaurant Cozinha do Convento

Description / Facilities

The restaurant is part of the space that once was the Private Chapel of the Convent and later the farm wine cellar. Preserving the typical architectural elements such  as the debased arch of the  choir and  the press to crush the grapes, and where  the first experiences of   Alvarinho  bottled wine were done. In summer, the Restaurant offers the service in the Cloister, providing a unique experience!

The goal is to offer an integrated cuisine concept. In the Restaurant A Cozinha do Convento, happens furthermore an "experience of culture”.  Our  Customer and Friend feels more enriched, by  the history of the Convent,  heritage, social life,   gastronomic experience, that  we want it  to be different, innovative and connected to the History and the Culture of  Alto Minho Region with a personalized service.

The gastronomic concept is associated with quality  products  from the season  and to a  regional cuisine showing the creativity and innovation, excelling  the flavours and aromas of the products and the tradition.

The  products that we point out  are the  wine Alvarinho   and  the lamprey (seasonal). It is about these products that we have tasting  menus. The Flavours Menu and the  Alvarinho Bouquet  is permanent and the  Lamprey menu takes place from February to the middle of April, both by reservation.

We also point out  chestnut,  “broa” (corn bread),  cornflour,  lamb and  codfish so ingrained  in our culture and gastronomy.

For desserts we underline the "Pecados do Convento", especially  “Pudim Abade de Priscos”, “Toucinho-do-Céu”  or  “Pêra em Calda de Alvarinho" (Pear in a Alvarinho Mixture).

Among other thematic dinners, it is under the wines that regularly we organize wine dinners, especially the wines alvarinhos, and also traveling througth the vinic country  and  already going beyond the borders.

For businesses and other groups are organized:

- Thematic dinners connected to the wine (wine and food programs), accompanied by

- Wine Tasting Courses

- Alvarinhos Wines Tastings with canapés "suggestions of the Restaurant  A Cozinha do Convento”

The restaurant features the flavours and the season Aromas: gastronomic fortnights of the mushroom, of chestnut and hunting, beginning in the last week of October and takes part in the  "Domingos Gastronomicos", being a Sunday dedicated to Lamprey and  happens usually on the second weekend of February.

Address: Quinta do Convento de Santo António dos Capuchos
Phone: 351251640090

30 Jul to 07 Aug 2022

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