Restaurant D.João

Description / Facilities

This property is located in the historic part of town, it is a very cosy and relaxing space with a pleasant and refined decoration.
Speciaties- “Barrosã” stew, au gratin lamb chops, stuffed steak.
Address: Rua dos Ferradores 5470 Montalegre
Phone: 276511388
"Duas Sementes"

"Duas Sementes"

11 May to 15 Aug 2022
The Ecomuseu de Barroso is pleased to announce the exhibition "Duas Sementes", (two seeds) by...
Montalegre - Nacional Ralicross 22

Montalegre - Nacional Ralicross 22

17 Feb to 18 Sep 2022
MONTALEGRE | NATIONAL RALICROSS 2022- Tests in April and July -The Montalegre International...

Pelourinho de Montalegre

Transept of revivalist architecture, with three steps, one parallelepiped plinth and a capital type quadrangular platform. Featuring a coat of arms of...

Ecomuseu de Barroso - Pólo de Tourém

This pole is installed in the former stable of the "Boi do Povo", working in network with the interpretive center in Montalegre. It is a center for...
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