Restaurant D.João

Description / Facilities

This property is located in the historic part of town, it is a very cosy and relaxing space with a pleasant and refined decoration.
Speciaties- “Barrosã” stew, au gratin lamb chops, stuffed steak.
Address: Rua dos Ferradores 5470 Montalegre
Phone: 276511388
Exhibition "As Ideias d' Alice", Salto

Exhibition "As Ideias d' Alice", Salto

07 Jan to 22 Mar 2020
The exhibition "As Ideias d'Alice" (which in 2019 passed through the headquarters of the...
Exhibition "Esquesitóides e os parentes afastados"

Exhibition "Esquesitóides e os parentes afastados"

16 Jan to 29 Mar 2020
After the exhibitions "Os Esquesitóides invadem o museu" and "Esquesitóides e outros...

Pelourinho de Montalegre

Transept of revivalist architecture, with three steps, one parallelepiped plinth and a capital type quadrangular platform. Featuring a coat of arms of...

Ecomuseu de Barroso - Espaço Padre Fontes

The Ecomuseum of Barroso intends to position itself as an anchor of the strategy of integrated and sustainable development of the territory "barrosão"....
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