Restaurant Milho Rei

Description / Facilities
The restaurant “Milho Rei” is an international and traditional portuguese cuisine restaurant. The restaurant has a diverse menu designed by its high professionalism. The restaurant was founded in June 1972 becoming a reference in the gastronomy of the Minho region. At your disposal you'll find experienced staff headed by Manuel Fernandes, host par excellence, who welcomes customers and friends with all the friendliness and professionalism for almost 40 years.

The Café Bar is located on the side of the restaurant and is open during the week days and weekend. It presents a monthly schedule for special guests.

The restaurant has a high quality and accuracy Catering services.
Address: Praça do Comércio nº 67 4720 -337 Ferreiros
Phone: 25399332

21 Feb to 31 Dec 2020

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