Restaurante Encosta do Moínho

Description / Facilities
Located at 1200m altitude, in the typical village of Gralheira, in the mountain range of Montemuro, the Restaurant Encosta do Moinho - which owes its name to the fact that it is located on the bank of the river Cabrum, from which four water mills are visible, recently restored where corn and rye flour is transformed into flour for the confection of Broa, is an area of ​​unmissable reference in the region for its elegance, comfort and, above all, the quality of its products in defence of the flavours and traditions of regional cuisine of the Serra de Montemuro.
We have put together all the conditions to guarantee you a meal with maximum comfort. Here is our invitation, to taste one of our specialties.
Today, in this restaurant with two rooms with capacity for 80 and 130 people, visitors delight in the most genuine and characteristic regional Portuguese cuisine.
The main raw materials used in the preparation of the dishes are produced and raised in the fields and hills of the mountain range, such as the vegetables, the potatoes, the lambs, the goats and the “arouquesa” veal. Also here the pork is transformed into delicious pieces of smoked meat.

Specialty: Portuguese Stew / Lamb;
Average price: € 15 / dose
Time: 12h / 23h;
Seating capacity: 200 (Tables: 16)

Director: António Neves
Address: Eira do Adro – 42, 4690-300 Gralheira
Phone: +351255571159

28 Jan 2022

07 to 29 Jan 2022

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