Restaurante O Camelo

Viana do Castelo
Description / Facilities

In a terraced House with masonry and forged irons and through a staircase with vines, you go into the Restaurant, 3.1 miles from Viana do Castelo and 1.86 miles from the A28 and Nogueira/Portuzelo. Typical restaurant, with 150 places in the main room, 200 places in the room Jorge Amado and 400 outdoor seating on the threshing floor and attachments now more enjoyable with a trellis of wine loureiro and 300 seats in the Ballroom, all in the Camel restaurant. It Was recently even more enriched with the placement of an oriental tent that makes the delights of the bride and groom for wedding anniversary, and with a capacity of 1000 people. Specialties: bacalhau a camelo, reindeer boy baked in the oven, rice, Chicken Rice "arroz de pé descalço"; sarabulho.

Days and hours of operation: Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00-4:00 pm and 7:00 pm at 12:00 am.

Capacity of the room: 3 rooms with a capacity for 100, 150 and respectively 300 people.

Average price € 20.00.
Address: Rua de Santa Marta - Santa Marta de Portuzelo
Phone: 258839090


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Accessibility: 1: Camões Square; 2: Passeio 25 de Abril; 3: Dr Fernão de Magalhães Street; 4: Agostinho José Taveira Street; 5:  Nossa Senhora da Guia...
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