Restaurante Pizzaria Vecchia Roma

Mondim de Basto
Description / Facilities

We are a house that offers a variety of pizzas and pasta, fish and meat dishes, variety of snacks. We work for 19 years, always pleased to provide the best services as well as offering the best products. Visit us! We will be happy to receive you!
Address: Recta de Pena 4880 Mondim de Basto
Phone: 255382552
County Festivities in Honer of São Cristovão

County Festivities in Honer of São Cristovão

22 to 25 Jul 2022
Mondim explodes, cyclically, in its County Festivals, universal heirs of ancient and nostalgic...

03 Feb to 29 Dec 2022

PR2 - Piscaredo Watercourse - Pedestrian Route

The PR2 "Levada of Piscaredo" is a journey in crossing that can either be started in place of the "Mestras", in the parish of Vilar de Ferreiros, as in the...

Casa da Igreja - Manor House

A Manor House built during the last quarter of the 18th century by João Manuel de Carvalho Peres, according to the coat of arms which decorates the main...
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