Arcos de Valdevez

27 May to 31 Oct 2022

11 Aug 2022
Caxena – Restaurant and Wine Bar

Caxena – Restaurant and Wine Bar

Day Off - Monday Capacity  - 48 Specialties-"Posta e Costeletão de Cachena " (Piece of Meat and...
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Closed on Satyrday (except in August) and one or two weeks in September Opening Hours: 9h-...
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Regional Products Exhibition and Sale Center

It is a project of the Municipality of Ponte da Barca, which consisted in restoring the Cooperativa Agrícola Building (Agricultural Cooperative), also named...


In 1909, the pillory was destroyed and all its pieces scattered. Mayor Narcizo Alves da Cunha decided to gather them and to rebuild it.It consists of a...
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