Accomodation S. Marcos

Description / Facilities

 The House of S. Marcos  (ou Casa de São Marcos) is a tourism development in the countryside, born  in the bosom of the purest Portuguese territory. It is located in the parish of Alvaredo with the county within striking distance.  The House of S. Marcos enchants visitors with its cosiness offering them an environment surrounded by wonderful and harmonious rural landscapes.

The House of S. Marcos emerges from a characteristic farmhouse recovering project, which at the moment wants to establish itself as an excellent enterprise to enjoy the best rural tourism of  Melgaco.
This house is also an opportunity for wine lovers to relish themselves with the so well-known Alvarinho wine from  Melgaço and Monção. Here visitors can enjoy vinous experiences related to
Memória a São Marcos wine (common wine and sparkling).

 Location: Close to the River Minho, paved access.

 Indoor: Service bathroom, DVD and video, TV, shared bathroom, dining room, living room, microwave, kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine, heating, hi-fi, fireplace in living room.
Address: Barqueira- Alvaredo 4960- 010 Melgaço
Phone: +351966320872

17 Dec 2023 to 15 Dec 2024
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