Casa de Santa Cruz

Torre de Moncorvo
Description / Facilities

The location is in the main square of the village allows for easy insertion into everyday life of the village.

12 Double Rooms

ATM / Air Conditioner / Dining / Meeting Room (50 people)

Pool / Tourist Activities
Address: Rua Cimo do Lugar, nº 1 | 5160-072 Felgar
Phone: 279928060–1
Restaurante "Dom Corvo"

Restaurante "Dom Corvo"

Specialties: Loaf in stone; Cod "Dom Corvo"; "Posta House" and "Dom Corvo" Steak.
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House of miracles

Building extreme simplicity with regard to architecture. According totradition, there were deposited the crutches of those who saw their illnesses cured,...

Mansion of Sepúlvedas / Farm of São Jorge

A quinta noted for its wide portal with coat of arms at the front and for the archaeological remains of the chapel, such as the Roman funerary stele.
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