Casa do Varandão

Description / Facilities
Casa do Varandão was an ancient and imposing stone granary. Today, the spaces used to store and thresh the ears of corn, have become a beautiful space for lodging. The threshing floor, where the corn kernels dried, gave way to a pleasant pool surrounded by orange trees. With 2 bedrooms and capacity for 4 guests. Located 5 minutes from the historical center of Barcelos, in Vila Frescainha (S. Pedro).
Address: Avenida de Paço Velho 440, 4750-874 Vila Frescainha S. Pedro
Phone: +351 965 531 086

21 to 25 Feb 2020


01 Mar 2020
Play: "Seda", by Hugo Direito Dias, by the children's and youth theater group "Boca de Cena",...
Velha Bakery

Velha Bakery

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