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Marco de Canaveses
Description / Facilities

If  you enjoy the quietness of the countryside you can just come and stay with us. We will take care of everything so that you can rest, feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed and enjoy a deserved holiday in a most peaceful and still country environment. Here you will have the right to personalized service, authentic Portuguese warm and familiar hospitality (in five languages: Portuguese ,English, French, Spanish, and German); you can choose from a range of possibilities: either stay on our cozy camping and caravanning or in one of our two comfortable bedrooms with attached bathrooms; either use one of our four outdoor grills at your disposal if you enjoy preparing your own meals, or choose one of our tasty meals from the

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 of our comfortable bar/restaurant. Picnic weddings and birthday parties.
Address: RUA DAS CORTES, Nº219 4630-664 SOALHÃES
Phone: 932496228
VisitMarco - discover Marco de Canaveses

VisitMarco - discover Marco de Canaveses

01 Jan 2023 to 31 Dec 2024
VisitMarcoDiscover Marco de Canaveses with VisitMarcoWebsite:...
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