Gallo’s House

Description / Facilities

RNAL REG. Nº 53187/AL

House with all amenities and sophisticated decor. It has 3 bedrooms and 5 beds. Alarge garden, pool with security cover. Located in the parish of Várzea,municipality of Barcelos, 5 km from the city center.
Address: Rua Montinho, 17, 4755-525 Várzea – Barcelos
Phone: +351 965 704 043

16 May 2021
Taberna O Manhoso

Taberna O Manhoso

In the tavern O Manhoso it stands out the regional plates, in particular, Arroz Pica no chão...
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Museum of Biscaínhos

A museum showcasing the everyday life in a seigniorial town house of the 17th and 18th centuries, the façade has a curious L-shaped arrangement, marking it...

Stairway of the Passion – 19th century

Commonly called as "Os Calvários", this staircase, allusive to the Passion of Christ, is assumed as one of the most attractive points of interest to be...
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