Gallo’s House

Description / Facilities

RNAL REG. Nº 53187/AL

House with all amenities and sophisticated decor. It has 3 bedrooms and 5 beds. Alarge garden, pool with security cover. Located in the parish of Várzea,municipality of Barcelos, 5 km from the city center.
Address: Rua Montinho, 17, 4755-525 Várzea – Barcelos
Phone: +351 965 704 043

18 Oct 2019

05 to 25 Oct 2019
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Prova Oral Restaurant

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Barcelos river front/ Barcelinhos river beach

The Cávado River stands out from Barcelos landscape and it has several potentialities such as for the rest and environmental and sports activities.

Via Romana XIX (Roman Route)

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