Pousada de S. Bento

Vieira do Minho

09 Jun 2019

31 May to 02 Jun 2019
Restaurant  Adelaide

Restaurant Adelaide

The Restaurant Adelaide is located in Cardeirinhas and is open about 15 years ago. With Capacity...
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Pizzaria Ritrovo

Pizzaria Ritrovo

The Restaurnt Ritrovo is located in the parish of Eira Vedra, near the petrol station. Here you...
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Cruzeiros (Transepts)

The Transepts are large stone crosses, symbols of the Christian belief, usually erected in churchyards, crossroads, parks or cemeteries. The University of...

Walking trail - PR4 VRM

Access to the trail Starting from Vieira do Minho, take the EM 526 (Municipal Road) towards Cantelães . After going througt about 4km , you Will find an...
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