Pousada de S. Bento

Vieira do Minho

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2019

11 Aug 2019
Lurdes Capela Restaurant

Lurdes Capela Restaurant

Space that has been passed from generation to generation and that provides a family...
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Restaurant  Adelaide

Restaurant Adelaide

The Restaurant Adelaide is located in Cardeirinhas and is open about 15 years ago. With Capacity...
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Walkink trail - GR5 VRM

A long distance loop trail , starting and ending at the camping site of Cabreira. It has an extension of about 35km , and presents a high level of...

Gallery of Arts and Crafts of Amares

The Gallery of Arts and Crafts, at Praça (Square) do Comércio, in Ferreiros, exposes throughout the year, an exhibition featuring all kinds of handicrafts...
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