Quinta das Glicínias

Vieira do Minho

06 to 08 Mar 2020

08 and 09 Mar 2020
Restaurant  Arijal

Restaurant Arijal

The  Restaurant Arijal is located at the entrance of Vieira do Minho. With a capacity of 280...
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Restaurante da Pousada de Sta. Maria do Bouro

Restaurante da Pousada de Sta. Maria do Bouro

It is a very popular restaurant in the region. It is located in the Pousada de Santa Maria do...
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Fumeiro Market

The "Fumeiro Market" is an event that takes place in the penultimate weekend before Carnival. Along the commercializing of the fair (smoked (bacon, blood...

Cruzeiros (Transepts)

The Transepts are large stone crosses, symbols of the Christian belief, usually erected in churchyards, crossroads, parks or cemeteries. The University of...
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