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Viana do Castelo
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Visiting Viana without enjoying the wonderful view which provides the Sta Luzia Mount over the Historical Centre, the port, Foz do Lima and the ocean,is like going to Rome without seeing the Pope. The viewpoint is a must see in the City and everybody knows that. Now; what a few people know is that a few trellis

down exists a private paradise, which provides the same sensations through superior quality accommodations. Going to viana not staying at the "Valverde" Domain is not only a missed opportunity; it is also missing out a fascinating experience: Viana , is only one reason to stay. The domain is 10 minutes away from the City Centre....Walking.
Address: Estrada de Santa Luzia - Ursulinas, 4900-408 VIANA DO CASTELO
E-mail: anabreuteixeira@quintadevalverde.pt
Phone: 937043159


11 Apr 2020
Merchants and Entrepreneurs promote on Easter Saturday, the "Grande Mesa de Páscoa"in Vila Praia...

05 Mar to 26 Apr 2020
Restaurante Os Três Potes

Restaurante Os Três Potes

In the midle of historic center of Viana, an old community bakery, from the XVI century, was...
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Northern beach or Foz do Neiva

Features: Beach little extensive, near the mouth of the river Neiva, on a complex system of high dunes, with some pebbles and short sandy with rocky bottom...

The Hospital Ship Gil Eannes

For decades, the Hospital Ship Gil Eannes, built in Viana do Castelo in 1955, provided support the Portuguese cod fishing fleet which operated on the banks...
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