Mondim de Basto
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The “Vinho Verde” is unique in the world. A naturally light and fresh wine, produced in the demarcated region of “Vinho Verde” in northwestern Portugal, a coastal region geographically well located for the production of excellent white wines. Low alcohol, and therefore less caloric, “Vinho Verde” is a fruity wine, easy to drink, great as an aperitif or harmonization with light and balanced meals. The striking typicity and originality of these wines is the result, on the one hand, soil characteristics, climate and socio-economic factors of the “Vinho Verde Region”, and on the other, the peculiarities of indigenous regional grape and forms of cultivation vineyard. These factors results in a naturally light and fresh wine different from other wines in the world.

Taste - Dry

Aroma - Fruity

Caste - Trajadura (40%); Azal (30%); Pedernã (20%) and Laurel (10%)

Elaboration - Clarification; Control of Temperature
Address: Vilar de Viando - Mondim de Basto
E-mail: fernandobouca@quintadofundo.com
Phone: 255381291

03 Dec 2021 to 28 Jan 2022
Restaurante Pizzaria Dylan

Restaurante Pizzaria Dylan

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