Quinta do Sardão

Description / Facilities
RNAL REG. Nº 64745/AL

Quinta do Sardão is located in Tregosa, municipality of Barcelos, integrated in a totally private space with about 10000 m2. It has 3 bedrooms to comfortably accommodate 6 guests.
It has lawns, flowered, sunny and with trees that provide shadows, a tank with water and a small lake in a relaxing environment and from where we can see in the distance the sea and Santa Luzia in Viana do Castelo. Outside has a dining area, outdoor swimming pool for the exclusive use of guests. Barcelos 19 Km, Viana do Castelo 23 Km, Oporto 70 Km.
Address: Rua Poça de Conchade nº 255, Tregosa, 4905-155 Barcelos
E-mail: alice.capitao@gmail.com
Phone: +351 969414552


10 to 18 Nov 2019
The third edition of the Viana do Castelo Theater Festival, an organization of the Northwest...
"A review of trial"

"A review of trial"

30 Nov 2019
Collective creation - AMAReMAR 
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