Gold Mines of Castromil e Banjas

The Gold Mines of Castromil are located in the parish of Sobreira and were subject to an intensive mining at the time of the Romans. We now can visit an interesting mining heritage as a result of this activity. This heritage consists in “cortas” (holes), open air ore extraction, galleries, pits and numerous underground works. The Covas de Castromil, its popular name, corresponde to the existence of large holes resulting from the ore extraction techniques used by the Romans about 2,000 years ago. There are more recent mining works. This important heritage has been the subject of a study and scientific divulgence Project developed by the Municipality of Paredes, together with the Departamento de Geociências, Ambiente e Ordenamento do Território da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto (Geosciences, Environment and Spacial Planning Department / Oporto University). In the old Castromil Primary School it works a modern and functional Interpretation Center complementing the guided tours. This is a welcoming and interactive learning space that interprets and contextualizes the particularities of this valuable mining heritage, being one of the most important in the northern Portugal.

Open from Monday to Friday from 09:00-12:30 and from 14:00-17:30 (advanced booking)

Location: Paredes
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