Gourmet Routes


Armamar is one of the municipalities integrated in the Douro Region classified by UNESCO as World Heritage. It is located in one of the most famous wine-growing regions in the world. The Douro wines and the worldwide famous Porto wine are grown and produced in terraced vineyards and farms on the left bank of the Douro River. These wines are available in the national and international market. 

However, we do not only talk about wine in Armamar. There are other cultures that make the difference in the productive sector of the municipality, with particular emphasis on the mountain apple production. 

An average of 50 tons of apples with specific characteristics is produced on the south side of the municipality, at an altitude between 600 and 800 meters. If we compare them with the same varieties produced in other regions, we will conclude that they are more aromatic, crispier and tastier. That’s why they are increasingly wanted.

With regard to the use of apples, tempting suggestions are beginning to appear such as apple juices and confectionaries. We invite you to taste the “Delícias de Maçã” (apple delicacies)!

The kid (a small goat) is the icon of the local gastronomy.  In the past, this armamarense
dish was only served on feast days. Nowadays it is a good reason for lovers to visit Armamar. The kid is roasted in a wood oven and served with potatoes, rice and our wines…You will see that it’s worth.

The fresh and ripened cheeses of Vila Nova are still a gastronomy reference. They are made from goat milk and are the result of an ancient activity, mainly practised in the village of Vila Nova.

Our smoked products will also surprise you by its quality and taste. They are a result of the work and knowledge of generations.

The gourmet routes of Armamar have emerged from all these reasons. We want to give you the opportunity to taste the result of the knowledge and flavours that have been passed, refined and enriched generation after generation.

Come and meet us. Taste the delicacies of our gastronomy, be amazed with our landscapes and witness the richness of our history and culture.

Armamar waits for you. 

Location: Armamar
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