Mountain Apple Route

Armamar is one of the municipalities of Portugal where more and better apple is produced. Over 50 thousand tone of an apple that by the altitude quota that is produced is different from others that are produced in other parts of the country.

Here the apple is queen! Its quality is recognized at national level and its weight in the economy of the region is relevant. Throughout the city there are vast expanses of apple orchards that give to this area near the Douro a unique contrast.

So we promote the apple as one of our brands of economic development and also of affirmation of the potential of our land.

Come to make the route of Mountain Apple! ... know the beauty of our landscapes, the value of our historical and archaeological heritage, witness of the strategic importance of this region through the centuries, come to taste our cuisine and receive the affable warmth of our people!


Location: Armamar

Mira o Douro

A cosy restaurant, with a modern decoration. One of the dishes is  the barbecued chicken, that...
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Adega da Vila

Adega da Vila

Little space where the specialty is roast kid. The service is good and the service friendly.
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