Municipal Archive

Vila do Conde
The Vila do Conde Municipal Archive is an information service targeted to two major areas: the local government (internal customers) and the residents / population in general (external customers), which gathers documentation about the Vila do Conde municipality, as well as other organizations, families and businesses.
Following the legislative guidelines, and based on new information science, the Municipal Archive of Vila do Conde is developing its guidelines of activity towards the dissemination of history, heritage and collective memory, while presenting itself as a considerable pillar in municipal management.
Currently, the collection of the Municipal Archives contains approximately 2,500 m of documents belonging mostly to the Municipal Council’s Archive.
Throughout its activities, the Municipal Archives has developed strategies to create an important collection, which resulted not only in the consequent documentary production of the developing activity by the Vila do Conde Municipal Council, but also the associated documentation received during this same activity, in addition to the purchase, donation or deposit of other collections, relating, inter alia, to persons, families, associations, confraternities, Civil Parishes or Town Halls, which have been accumulating, permitting the creation of an archive with information whose dates range from the 12th and 21st centuries.

Location: Vila do Conde


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