Rail of Heaven and Earth - Cumieira

Santa Marta de Penaguião
We call it Rail of Earth and Heaven, these are the heights to which we climb and the depths to which we descend. But it is worth the effort. It compensates as a fresh water spring when the desert fatigues and thirst burns.
From the top of the Santa Barbara Chapel the look flees to the remoteness of the ridges, which are lost in gradations of greys and blues, and returns unwillingly. With it takes the imagination and dreams that feed the fantasy from the discovery.  You can reach Vila Real like a kind of bird approaching at a distance.
The vineyards and olive groves draw the effort grooves in the shale, fertile and steep ground. The villages seem homes flocks grazing the green landscape and giving it a bright and pleasant joy.
Going down the steep slopes, where the vines cling in rows and lines, we find the village of Veiga, a cluster of light houses involved in green, cheerful smile on the valley floor, of friendly and communicative people. It is a fertile green, festive in the abundance of gardens, flowers, vineyards, grape varieties for wine and table. From down there, from the valley floor and looking at the slopes that seems to touch the clouds, the view is enchanting and comes to impress by the telluric and human dimension that highlights. Above, from the EN2, you see the deep and plan valley adorned by drawings of properties and vegetation, by the Arcadela of clear waters and by the cheerful smile of houses.
The vineyards that give grapes for port wine perch on the terraces. People are of a spontaneous and communicative sympathy as only a people who are accustomed to treat the mother earth by "you" can be. They love the place where they live and are grateful for its fertility.

                       "There is no land like Veiga throughout Penaguião:

                        Penaguião only gives wine, Veiga gives wine and bread. "

This stanza, taught by one of its inhabitants, fully illustrates what the eyes of all visitors can see. But the Rail, capricious and proud of its beauties leads us to other places. They all have something unique, be for the landscape or for the memories etched in the stones of the chapels and the older homes.
When we left, after having walk all the kilometres, we feel like going back again and again.


Location: Santa Marta de Penaguião
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