River Olo

Mondim de Basto

The river Olo known for its cold, clear waters, born in Lamas de Olo and will flow into the Tamega in Amarante. It is a mountain river with a course of 35 km and is near the village of Ermelo, the spectacular Fisgas of Ermelo, the biggest falls of the Iberian Peninsula, which are the heart from Alvão Park.

The cold waters and beats of this mountain stream to provide fishing lovers, exciting encounters with the most coveted fish species, trout. For nature lovers, this river and its riparian zones, one can disclose a paradise.

Location: Mondim de Basto
Barbecue Restaurant Duas Palmeiras

Barbecue Restaurant Duas Palmeiras

Located on Recta da Pena, Mondim de Basto, in front of the school centre "Mondim West" and...
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