Turismo Industrial (Industrail Tourism)

São João da Madeira
The project of industrial tourism aims the national and international projection of São João da Madeira Municipality and the consolidation and promotion of its tourist dimension, linked to the industry, economic promotion and social development, and quality of life. A consistent tourist dimension should emerge in S. João da Madeira, based on traditional, past and present industry, new technology and creative industries.

Tourism Industrial asserts itself as a tourism product of high economic, cultural and recreational value, through which most tourists know companies in activity, can revive other times activities, and visit the museum spaces and museums, being the Museu da Chapelaria the most importante one.

Welcome Center

Located in Torre Oliva (Oliva Tower) - one of the most emblematic and historic buildings of S. João da Madeira - the Welcome Center is a place where you can get all the information about Industrial Tourism and about the Circuits by the Industrial Heritage. In this place you can make reservations to visit the factories, to request a touristic guide, to ask questions and make the appointment for the workshops. A team will be available to help and to submit the industrial tour guide or to provide the multimedia guide on the factories or on the institutions that you want to visit. Make a visit to the Welcome Center and find out, right there, what we have to show you. Get information about the circuit and about the history factories through the interactive table and the two interactive timelines.

This space is the starting point for an unforgettable trip to the past, to the present and to the future of our industrial history.

Welcome Center – phone 265 200 204



The Industrial Company Headgear (now Museum of Millinery, unique in the Iberian Peninsula), Viarco (the only country's pencil factory in operation) or Oliva metallurgical (reborn as a creativity incubator) are names with history but also with future and with great touristic potential. So they are integrated in the Industrial Tourism project.

The economic fabric of S. João da Madeira has vitality and a particularly relevant diversity, highlighting in particular the manufacture of shoes, another obligatory presence in these circuits For Industrial Heritage, allowing to see that the industry has adapted itself to the new times, leaving behind the intensive labor force to focus on quality, innovation, creativity, fashion and design.

There are nine entities included in this project: the Vocational Training Centre of the Footwear Industry and the Technology Centre of Portugal Footwear, the National Hat and the headwear industry Fepsa Cortadoria, the shoe factories Helsar and Everest, Heliotextil and the pencil factory Viarco, besides the Museum of Millinery.

You can create your own circuit or accept one of the suggestions we have for you:
- HAT AND PENCIL: We suggest you to make this mixed circuit: A walk to the Museum of Millinery followed by a single visit to Viarco;
- PENCIL AND TRIMMINGS: A trip to the world of Viarco and Héliotextil;
- HAT, PENCIL AND TRIMMINGS: A tour to the Museum of Millinery, followed by two fantastic visits to Viarco and Héliotextil companies;
- FELT AND FOOTWEAR LADY: A walk through the history of felt in Fepsa, followed by a visit to the ladies' shoe world in Helsar;
- FELT AND FOOTWEAR MAN: A walk through the history of felt in Fepsa, followed by a visit to the world of man's shoe on Everest;
- HEADWEAR - FUR OF THE FELT: A circuit by the National Cortadoria of Hair and the factory Fepsa;
- HEADWEAR - FUR OF THE HAT: A walk through the National Cortadoria of Hair and the factory Fepsa, followed by a visit to the Museum of Millinery;
- FOOTWEAR: A circuit by two highly successful shoe factories, the Helsar and Everest;
- FOOTWEAR AND CFPIC: A circuit by shoe factories, Helsar and Everest, followed by a trip to the Footwear Industry Vocational Training Centre;
- FOOTWEAR TOTAL: A complete circuit by the footwear industry (Helsar and Everest). After a visit to the institutions taking part on the project, follow to the Vocational Training Centre of Industry and Footwear Technology Centre of Portugal footwear.

Welcome Center phone 256 200 204  


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