Vineyard village of Ucanha

Ucanha, holds a privileged location on the right bank of the river Varosa,it will be ,according to some traditions, the oldest town in the surroundings. Its name refers to a word that can describe hovel or place of amusement.

The first people who settled here were the Romans, who took advantage of the fertile lands of Varosa valley and created small farms. Even today we can see one of the main roads of the Romanization leading to Braga.

Centuries later, it was the Cistercian monks who have accompanied the development of Ucanha village. Proof of this is the new fortified bridge and its toll tower of the twelfth / fifteenth centuries representing now the ex-libris of the parish.
At that time, they served to protect the entrance to the grounds of the Monastery of Salzedas and it appears that the village has developed due to the requirement to pass the bridge.

To taste the village in full is essential to walk in its narrow streets, to marvel at the colorful collection of houses, visit the Church of S João Evangelista of the seventeenth century with the high altar lined with baroque gilded wood as well as the ruins Abadia Velha and take a leap to the Murganheira Cellars to appreciate its famous sparkling wine.

The Tarouca Municipality invites you to discover the Varosa Valley.


Location: Tarouca
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