Visitar a Igreja de Santa Maria (Visit Santa Maria Church)

Marco de Canaveses
The Igreja de Santa Maria is one of the most distinguished works of the modern era with recognized international value in Marco de Canaveses. The project is from the renowned architect Álvaro Siza Vieira and illustrates in a different way how to build a sacred place where everything has been designed according to the Gospel and the importance that the features and objects should take at the whole situation of the Catholic religion.
At a first impression, looking at the building from various angles, we do not get the idea that we are facing a Temple of God. Letting ourselves embroiled in the philosophy used by the architect, the project mentor, we are overcome by the beauty of art and modern religious art and the difficult balance between abstraction and content.
The combination of the “Understanding” between the door, the aisle, the altar, the simple chair, the picture, the big curve, the dialogue between the Cross and its effect are old elements that make the House of God and Men. The façade turned to the city entrance creates a kind of puzzle that almost forces the traveler to satisfy the curiosity to know what that big and indecipherable building is, without a cross or sign showing that it is a church.
The door, with a dimension of unusual height, leaves us the idea of a passage to a place where God dwells "Who implements this door should know what is the height of tolerance: not too large, but high enough" (SIZA VIEIRA).
Inside, the set of natural lights creates the magic that rocks us into the clash between the empty church, naked and white, which makes us wonder if this was not a good illustration of the Church of Christ: simple, natural, where everything is on its place and conveys the soul of humility.
On one of the walls, on the opposite of the usual, comes a distant and narrow gap that leaves us feeling it is a Church open to the outside and shows us a wild and mountainous landscape. The tall windows provide indirect light with the density of a Sacred Space.
The Altar, the Ambão, the Presbytery, the chairs and the tabernacle are puzzles that defy the explanation of whom admires modern art and lets himself being enraptured by the depth of the feeling represented there.


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Parish of Santa Marinha de Fornos
Tel: 255 522 995

Location: Marco de Canaveses
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