Colonial Pastry

Description / Facilities
One of the most traditional pastries of the municipality, it is situated closer to the Temple of Senhor da Cruz. This house allies the creation with research work and therefore exuberant delights for its shape and composition appeared, as the Sucesso (meringue cookies with almonds, apricot jam, Jivara ganache, Fruited Praliné, caramelized almonds), Tira Me Isso (Mascarpone coffee cookies, crunchy chocolate, white chocolate cover), Ópera (Chocolate cake, creamy Niangbo, chocolate, coffee Ivoire ganache, white chocolate cover), Café da Uma (coffee cookies, Caramélia Moka ganache, coffee jelly), Gêres (cookies, chestnuts muselina cream, vanilla cream, Swiss meringue, gelling mango Culis and passion fruit), Fraisier (pistachio cookies, strawberries stuffing, chocolate with vanilla mousse, powdered white and green chocolate mix), Lemon tart and Cheesecake Exótico (sablé breton, fruit, Philadelphia cheese cookies, Caramelia ganache). Here you can also buy Queijadas and Queijadinhas de Barcelos (eggs, sugar, flour, butter).
Address: Largo da Porta Nova, 4750-329 Barcelos, Portugal
Phone: 253811365

24 Jul to 13 Sep 2020
The Fantastic World of Barcelos Rooste

The Fantastic World of Barcelos Rooste

17 Jul to 13 Sep 2020
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