Doçaria de Fornelos

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Other delicacies in Fafe council are the sponge cake (“pão-de-ló”) and egg-yolk sweets (“doces de gema”), also mentioned by José Augusto Vieira in 1886, almost 130 years ago.
Fornelos is presumably the best makers of the sponge cake, sweets and other local biscuits, which still today are very famous in the country, attracting many visitors to Fafe to buy them on purpose.
These sweets are made in the traditional way using eggs, sugar, flower and other secret ingredients that cannot be revealed.

Address: Avenida de Santa Comba, n.º271, Fornelos, 4820-427 Fafe
Phone: 253599011

20 Oct 2019

11 to 13 Oct 2019

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