Padaria Irmãos Moreira

Description / Facilities
A hundred-years-old bakery that is in the same family for many years. It is located in an eighteenth century building, showing  the date  “1732” at  the entrance. It was  recently restored and is situated in the old city of Valongo. Benefiting  from the  mastery and the knowledge that comes from one generation to the other, this traditional bakery, which still uses the old wood  oven,  produced handmade bread  as well as other bakery products. Visit and enjoy it.
Opening hours from Monday to Friday 10:30-14h | 15h-20h.  Saturday 10:30h-20h
Address: Rua Dias Oliveira, 97, 4440-452 Valongo, Portugal
Phone: 224220050

15 Jul to 30 Aug 2022

26 Aug to 04 Sep 2022

Cruzeiro do Escoural (Escoural Cross Stone)

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Farmhouse | House of Montezelo

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