Restaurant Albufeira

Description / Facilities
Situated about 20 km from Montalegre Village, it is located in a privileged space on the dam of Pisões, where you can enjoy not only the good food but also peace and quiet that is transmitted by the harmonious atmosphere that the restaurant has.
Specialties- To enjoy all the quality of the local cuisine, be sure to taste the barrosã stew composed by ear and pig feet, ham, smoked sausage, smoked ham, blood sausage accompanied by potatoes and cabbage. The roast lamb in a wood oven with roasted potatoes. The “feijoada à transmontana” (meat, beans and vegetables stew), “lavrador” pasta ( meat, beans and cabbage pasta) and “cabidela” rice. Homemade rooster stewed in an iron pot. Roast veal in the oven.
“Barrosã” piece of meat with baked potatoes and sautéed greens. “Sarrabulho” rice (several kinds of meat and pork blood rice) “at the time of the slaughter of the pig."
Concerning fish the roast cod in the oven with baked potatoes or stuffed codfish with ships.

Address: Lama da Missa 5470 Lama da Missa
Phone: 276566213
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