Restaurant das Caldas

Description / Facilities

Located next to the Caldas de Aregos Thermal Spa, this restaurant with capacity for 70 people has a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. The menu features ten fish dishes and nine meat dishes. Specialties are: roat lamb in the wood oven with rice and roasted potatoes, the Lagareiro
style octopus, the chicken blood rice, the lamprey rice, the veal loaf, a mix of grilled meat, and the grilled cod.
It also produces the traditional “Cavacas de Resende”.

Working hours: 12h00-15h00; 19h00-22h00

Closing day: Always open
Address: Av. Dr. Correia Pinto, Caldas de Aregos, 4660-013 Anreade
Phone: 254875836

18 Dec 2020 to 31 Dec 2022

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