Vieira do Minho

11 to 14 Oct 2019

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2019
Restaurant  Arijal

Restaurant Arijal

The  Restaurant Arijal is located at the entrance of Vieira do Minho. With a capacity of 280...
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Restaurant Sol da Cabreira

Restaurant Sol da Cabreira

The Sol da Cabreira restaurant is located at the entrance of  Vieira do Minho, with panoramic...
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PR2 – As Aldeias das Margens do Rio Vizela

The PR2 short trail crosses the villages of Lagoa, Pedraído, Felgueiras and Gontim along old paths. This trail covers the most typical rural mountain areas...

Espindo Village

Espindo, located in Ruivães parish, is a picturesque village of the Cabreira Mountain with about 500 years, narrows alleys and typical houses of granite....
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