Vieira do Minho

04 to 06 Sep 2020

02 to 09 Aug 2020
Restaurant  Arijal

Restaurant Arijal

The  Restaurant Arijal is located at the entrance of Vieira do Minho. With a capacity of 280...
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Restaurant Sol da Cabreira

Restaurant Sol da Cabreira

The Sol da Cabreira restaurant is located at the entrance of  Vieira do Minho, with panoramic...
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Alminhas (Shrines)

The Shrines are very small and simple chapels built in granite with panels of religious themes and altarpieces illustrating the trapped souls in purgatory....

Chapel Our Lady of Faith

Located in the parish of Cantelães in the middle of te mountain, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Faith dates back to the 18th century. This chapel was built...
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